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Off Topic What Exactly is a Roleplay?

Saif Neon

Dec 13, 2021
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Note:- This is my perspective what your you can tell your beside

What is Roleplay?
A roleplay is an act of an character who has a background story, who has his own life and emotions. That persons has its own strengths and weaknesses on which he or she has a life. Thus Roleplaying is playing the act of that person (Can be female or male) and you have to reactions emotions and feel into character to have better experience.

My Journey of Roleplay?
Its been almost my 2 years of Roleplay and still I am loving it except of any other game there is a proper reason in it. In this 2 years of era , I have played many Asian Servers such as Paradise Roleplay, Project X Roleplay , Envision, Orbit gamers Roleplay , and blah blah! whatever the names it is. Where I come to know different kind of people in the world as you all know world is so large that you can't even explore and make different kind of friends when you have low budget. You meet different kind of people, Different Psyche of the people. Learn about different way to talk with people whether he is male or female . respect is important for everyone. Later on shifted to an British Server called True London Roleplay. I came to know what RP is all about because in those past era, I was only grinder and latterly I did continuous grinding for 12 hours just for delivering Air Packages, Kidnaping people and Do erotic shits which discourages other people from playing. And tried to learn about those people how they communicate how they enjoy roleplay. And TBH in my first 14 days I was Literally standing on their faces watching people how they speech where to smile where not to. That turns me out a good commutation between people the people and making bonds in Character or Out of Character. I resumed to Do EMS roleplay. My EMS head was IRL Paramedic in NHS she thought me well enough that I as a computer Engineering student knowns the vital name medicine used in Roleplay Progress. Which Medicine is to be used first which to be next like that. Turned me out professional that it turn out a very good experience in my whole life learning about the new stuff that I couldn't don't before. Later on that True London project went closed, So Friend of mine asked me to join Indian Server SVRP 3.0 (But that project was closed after 2 weeks when I joined) So couldn't have enough time for that server. Later on started with HTRP 2.0 As it was their own server fresh start too. It gave me enough chance to progress my character started as a taxi employee to solve my financial issue until I get recruited in EMS Dept. Due to some personal reason Like I felt that there is still ruleeplay instead of roleplay, which was quite annoying for me and I felt like this might not be a perfect place for me and my character to roleplay. So I joined Nopixel India (one of Nopixel Branch which was launch in Asia for 7 month, It think it was end of May. I joined there started progression. EMS Team gave a very good response and recruited me as an Paramedic , and Till now I am FTO - Head. And Met every kind of people that I want to see. With those all past experiences I learned about steps to become a business man , ideas to make something innovative or much more thing that can't be describable here. And these are all the reason till now I still love Roleplay. and will be continue as a Roleplayer.

Why for a roleplay backstory is important?
This topic is very important that Mr. Rohan Roy has wrote a complete details why there should be a backstory for a roleplay. I request you to please read it at once that you understand how background story refers your character
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What are Tips to Write a good backstory?
The important thig to write a background character story is following:-
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Example of a Backstory:
This is example Don't copy it
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If someone want to join NoPixel India Server I will drop links
NoPixel India Social networks Links :-
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FiveM King

Active member
VIP Member
Dec 12, 2021
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Good article. We will love to share your ideas with us for roleplay