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  1. Josef Andrew

    CAR Neon Arena Highway Petrol Vehicles

    Total No. of Cars = 11 3 types of Chargers 4 types of Explorers 2 types of Tahoe 2 Types of Crown Victoria Download:- Click Me
  2. Josef Andrew

    Script [QBCore] ATM Hacking with new Minigame

    Yes on Test Server If you had
  3. Josef Andrew

    MLO/YMAP Liberty City + SQL

    Link Updated Everyone
  4. Josef Andrew

    MLO/YMAP Liberty City + SQL

    Will be adding new link soon
  5. Josef Andrew

    CAR Mansaug customs cars (all paid cars apart from the recent 350z and Rs5)

    Download Link:- Click Me
  6. Josef Andrew

    Script Ultra Money HUD Status

    Download Link Added
  7. Josef Andrew

    Script Redrums Holster System W/ Sounds 1.0.0

    Redrums Holster System with sounds Holster System W/ Sounds, Howdy! This is a holster system that includes and holster animation with sounds for holstering and unholstering your pistol. Watch the video below for a overview and explanation! Download:- Click Me
  8. Josef Andrew

    MLO/YMAP Nopixel 3.5 Asset Complete Pack [Maps] [ Updated]

    New Maps are added
  9. Josef Andrew

    MLO/YMAP YBN MLOs | Night Club

    Download:- Click Me
  10. Josef Andrew

    Script Jim Mechanic [QBCore]

    What is this? QBCore based Mechanic Job script It’s aim is to be an RP based replacement for the standard “Sit in car, press button, car fixed” options that are already available. A lot of the menu’s I’ve seen make a new system for each part that requires databases (sql scares me) So I built one...
  11. Josef Andrew

    MLO/YMAP Gabz Tunershop- Np Styled - Unlocked

    np or Gabz are related So NP always stays away same resources public
  12. Josef Andrew

    Info Forums Paid Advertisement

    This is Weekly Offer 10% off on Advertisement Section Purchase
  13. Josef Andrew


    where can u share pics
  14. Josef Andrew

    Script Ultra-Scoreboard

    QBCore support ESX coming soon ID - NAMES - PHONE - JOB - BANK ONLINE JOBS ONLINE PLAYERS DOWNLOAD: GitHub - SoyUltra/Ultra-Scoreboard: FREE | Scoreboard
  15. Josef Andrew

    EUP Code 4 Mods Full UDG Pack 1.0.0

    INCLUDED: UltimateDutyGear Fire & EMS Vest UltimateDutyGear Patrol Vest UltimateDutyGear K9 Vest UltimateDutyGear LB Holsters UDG Duty Belts Pack UltimateDutyGear Clothing Pack Previews:- All files are in this one download so it can be easily accessable. Some files require name changes for...
  16. Josef Andrew

    Script Lamborghini Veneno DRAGON [Animated Lights]

    Lamborghini Veneno DRAGON Preview 79 Night Designs.rar (53.1 MB) Details: • 421543 Polygons • Lights can be changed. • Support to change the handling if is necessary. • Full Open Source. Other pics:
  17. Josef Andrew

    Script [STANDALONE]Changeable hydraulics for every car

    A little script where every user can change their cars hydraulics with a command and should be synced with other players couldnt test it Github Download Direct download: hydraulics.zip Support for ESX will come later (job locked, only with item) you can change max height in js but i...
  18. Josef Andrew

    Script [ESX] Pilot Job

    This is a simple pilot job that enable players to choose between two types of flights and receive some money after completing it. Links: Github Features: Nice UI Responsive UI for all screens You are able to choose between two types of flights All the locations are configurable Code is...
  19. Josef Andrew

    Script [ESX] Identity Script

    CLOUD-IDENTITY | ESX FRAMEWORK Functions Blacklisted Names Warn Notification Everything is configurable Low MS Responsive UI Fully Custom Clean UI Exploit Safe Preview https://streamable.com/dujxut Config Thanks for Reading! DOWNLOAD TEBEX [FREE] Github Code is accessible NO...
  20. Josef Andrew

    Script FiveM Script | Realistic Wheel Damage [Standalone] 2022

    Download:- Click Me 1 or Click Me 2